About us

Amzvas was created by Amazon sellers specifically to make it easier for individuals and businesses to outsource certain jobs and assignments related to Amazon including AWS, market place, merch by Amazon, affiliates, etc. It is a unique marketplace where you can hire freelancers who possess skillful expertise in this domain.

Amzvas has elevated the experience of hiring and finding work virtually by offering unique services that are useful for both the employer as well as the freelancer. This platform makes it a lot easier and convenient to collaborate with and manage freelancers remotely.

Our community of freelancers come with their own unique set of abilities and skills specific to amazon selling, through which they have been successful in getting more than “Number” projects together. Our pre-vetted freelancers are well experienced in the field and go through a screening process before being considered. We strive to gravitate towards becoming a premier platform where expert professionals find it easier to collaborate, connect, and get their work done.

We progressively try to create maximum opportunities and champion creativity for freelancers and employers from around the world. This world-class platform is perfect for collaboration of client ideas and professional skills of the freelancers.

We started this creative platform in 2018, although we created our online presence through Facebook way back in 2013. This platform was created with the sole goal of turning our aspirations and dreams into reality. We are based in Singapore and Canada where our expert team members work tirelessly to ensure quality and consistency of our services. However, our community of freelancers work remotely from around the world.

At Amzvas, our members are given prime importance. Over the years, we have developed a huge clientele base and have continually evolved our virtual platform and services with the changing needs of our customers. 

Come and become a part of our community and enjoy an enhanced working experience like never before!


  • To offer optimum resources and services to bring employers and freelancers from all over the world together for virtually work.

  • Put the needs and requirements of our users first.

  • Offer an inspirational platform for unlimited work.

  • Catalyze team building.


  • To do our bit in building a world where peace and prosperity are interconnected.

  • To be a leading platform for all Amazon-related virtual work.

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