How to earn money?

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Can I provide feedback on the client and work experience?

We encourage virtual assistants to provide accurate feedback of their work experience with all our clients for future references.

How do I create a client profile after registration?

As a new user, you can sign in by using either Facebook or LinkedIn access. You can also register using Google account access. Before proceeding you will have to verify your account. All users are expected to use an authentic display image on the account and correct company/brand information once they register. On your Dashboard you will be able to see all information regarding your account like invoice for payment, current projects, job offers etc. 

How do I create a project with a specific milestone?

Once you have gained access into your account and are likely to post a job, always define the project with the correct tags. You can outline your goals, provide project details and add deliverables with the desired deadline. If you have specifically described your needs, you can set the budget for the project and wait for virtual assistants to submit an accurate proposal. You can also search our marketplace to invite qualified experts to submit their proposals for your project.

How can I verify my account for activation?

Once your profile has been reviewed, the next step is verification. You will receive a confirmation email which includes an activation link. You will need to upload documents for identification and proof. Your documents will be reviewed and approved within a span of 24 - 48 hours after which you can set up your profile.

How can I create a virtual assistant profile?

To create an outstanding profile that showcases your skills in the Amazon ecosystem,  start with an introduction that highlights your professional skills and work experience.

  1. You need to add a professional, real time profile image such that clients can find it easy to trust you, moreover get a sense of the VA they are hiring.
  2. The ‘About Me’ section should contain a brief overview of your professional skills and employment history  especially if you’ve worked with brands.
  3. The portfolio section allows clients to view samples of your work and this gives them a good idea of your professional capabilities.
  4. The best way to boost your profile is by delivering work consistently for clients and in turn receiving positive feedback.
  5. Another great way to make your profile stand out is by taking different skill tests or aptitude tests thereby adding merit to your profile.

Can I change my billing address?

Yes, you can make changes to your profile on the Dashboard like changing your profile name, display image, skills, billing address etc. 

Why is my freelancer application denied?

There are certain rules every freelancer must follow through while building a profile on our platform. If your virtual assistant profile is disapproved it may be for the following reasons -


  • Adding contact details on your profile like your phone number, skype details or even your email address.
  • Add the wrong location under your profile section. Our backend system reviews  the IP address mentioned.

If you have added a profile image that does not represent your identity for e.g. using logos or illustrations. 

What kind of projects can be done on your platform?

On Amzvas, you can find a range of Amazon virtual assistants who understand the Amazon marketplace regulations. As an Amazon seller/vendor, find virtual assistants who bring instant value to your business with their skills. You can evaluate the virtual assistant’s profile and credibility by checking test scores, work experience, portfolio etc. Right from amazon listing services to product optimization, these include Amazon PPC experts, data analysts, and customer support representatives. 

How do I find, hire and assess a suitable virtual assistant?

You can find suitable virtual assistants for handling different aspects of your Amazon store. On the user Dashboard you can scan through VA proposals of your latest project. To get the best output from this multi-skilled resource, you should assess a VA’s credibility based on aptitude test score, reviews, work experience and samples provided on the profile. 

How do I know if my virtual assistant is working?

Say for example you’ve acquired an Amazon virtual assistant to catalogue your Amazon store data. If the project pays by the hour, you can keep track of the virtual assistant through ZTrack Time (time tracker tool) that is available for all buyers. You will only have to install our in-house tool that captures screen shots at predefined intervals remotely. You will also know the progress of the work completed with this tool that records screen timing, browsing history and cursor movements across the screen. 

Can I cancel a project after it has been accepted?

---- (NOT SURE)

Do you screen the project proposal before it is live?

You’ll be able to find highest-rated and most reviewed virtual assistants relevant to your job. To ensure streamlined workflow on the platform, our editorial team will review the project you have submitted before it goes live. Our project management tool allows you to post projects easily and manage all of your assigned tasks efficiently. This includes features like adding team members, entering manual hours, creating invoices, auto screen captures and much more.

What if my virtual assistant is unresponsive?

In a case where the hired virtual assistant becomes unresponsive, we urge clients to set a time frame within which it becomes mandatory for the VA to respond. If the shortlisted VA doesn’t respond within two days, the project is either cancelled or assigned to a new VA. All Amazon virtual assistants have to provide regular progress updates and respond to questions from their clients within 24 hours. Your funds will remain secure in Escrow until you choose to release it to a VA.

Can I pause or cancel a project?

Yes, clients can access their Dashboard to monitor progress of every job posting. You must select the project you want to cancel, edit or pause, whatever may be the reason. Projects that are paused allow clients to review more proposals from VAs or you can remove your project listing altogether.

What can I do if I’m unhappy with the VA services?

If you have received an invoice from your virtual assistant but the work incomplete/incompetent; clients can then reject the invoice from the Dashboard. Please go through our refund policy section if you are unhappy with the output. Most projects get completed on time, but if needed, we’ll step in to offer help.

What kind of Amazon experts will I find here?

Amazon virtual assistants are tasked with distinct job profiles, their skills are highlighted based on a particular vertical in the Amazon marketplace. We have virtual assistants with skills to assist Amazon sellers, Amazon vendors, Amazon merchants, Amazon Associates, AWS, MWS, including FBA specialists, dropshipping experts, PPC analysts.

How can I receive payment for a project?

You set your own rates for the project you are bidding on. This can either be on project basis or you can set an hourly rate for the project. Once you have submitted work, it will undergo a review where grammar check, plagiarism test and basic proofreading are conducted. You will raise the invoice needed upon project completion and acceptance which is then fulfilled by the client. You will need to add your bank account details on your profile to receive payments successively. 

How can I raise an invoice?

Once you have completed a project assigned, you just need to raise an invoice to ask the client to release deposit funds from their Escrow account. You can raise the invoice from the Dashboard section on your profile which also displays the current status of all your projects. You can only raise the invoice once your proposal has been accepted by the client, project completion and once it has been reviewed. You can only raise the invoice on the agreed purchase price i.e. the rate accepted by the client and the VA.

How long does it take for my payment to get approved?

The status of your invoice will be displayed as ‘pending’ when it has been paid by your client and is undergoing a security check. Typically, the processing takes a matter of hours, but it can occasionally take up to 3 working days. The average time for your invoice to get reviewed, approved and fulfilled is between 24 to 72 hours. You should receive your payment within 4 to 5 days once the funds are released into your account. 

How many proposals can I send in a month?

Every virtual assistant will receive 30 free proposals that they can use within a month while applying for different jobs on our platform. Please note you will use up 1 credit/proposal even if the client has rejected your proposal. These credits are renewed every month or you can buy more credits if needed.

What are your freelancer commission fees?


How do I raise a dispute with a client?

We urge clients and virtual assistants to resolve any disagreements through consistent communication or else contact us to file a complaint. As a virtual assistant, you need to make sure you have done necessary revisions before raising a dispute. If the dispute is due to an invoice being rejected or payment not being made, the client can reject this claim with needful information related to the work submitted.


The virtual assistant can decide whether they agree with the client and will, for example, complete the project correctly after which they can raise a new invoice. However if the dispute escalates, project guidelines, instructions shared via messages and the final outcome are reviewed in the backend to resolve the dispute.

In what currency can I receive/withdraw my payment?

We have clients from around the world. You can receive funds for any project in the currency the client has entered for a project, but while withdrawing these to your bank account, these funds are converted into your local currency. 

Do you ensure safety assurance for the virtual assistants?

Our search algorithm uses data analytics to highlight the best virtual assistants on the platform based on their skills. We have several measures in place to ensure our platform is a reliable marketplace for Amazon marketplace clients. We use various methods to verify that our remote specialists are authentic. We shortlist our virtual assistance pool by -


  • Email address authentication
  • ID Verification with documentation
  • Online interview processing
  • Client feedback on past projects
  • Online skills test scores
  • Academic specifications

You can include custom screening questions in your job post, conduct video conferences for data management, and more. Users that breach our Terms and Conditions by creating fake accounts or adding false payment information are immediately expelled from the platform and their accounts are suspended immediately.

How safe is my product data on your platform?

Clients can provide access to product data and credentials through messenger or documents that can be added to your job posting. To keep your brand information completely secure, we sign a NDA with our clients and a confidentiality agreement with our employees for effective transactions between client and virtual assistants. 

Can I provide feedback on the VA and the work experience?

Yes, we advise clients to leave behind feedback to facilitate the VAs progress in the system. When a contract ends, clients usually leave feedback about their experiences with virtual assistants. The feedback period is 15 days from completion of the project. If only one party leaves feedback, it will be posted after the 15 day period has ended. 

How can I transfer money into my account for a project?

Amzvas makes payments simpler, faster and more secure. You can transfer funds into your Escrow account using a credit/debit card. Most payments are subject to a x% processing fee. Once your project is completed, and you are satisfied with the result, you can go ahead with the payment. The virtual assistant who has been assigned the task will receive their funds upon completion, and review. 

Do I need to pay for a test sample?

If you are expecting the virtual assistant to complete a test assignment, you are obligated to pay for the assigned task. The platform requires all buyers to ensure timely payment for any task that is completed within the stipulated timeline.

Do you provide an Escrow account?

Yes, your Escrow account will contain funds transferred from your bank account for every project you post. You only pay for projects you have authorized and which remain active. You can release funds with pre-set milestones for projects that are listed under a fixed budget.

What is the billing process?

All payments have invoices that can be accessed or downloaded for future references. Our billing process is either pay by the hour, or is featured with a fixed price for a single project. You will receive a notification once funds have been released upon project completion.

What kind of projects can I find on the platform?

Based on your skills, you can search for a range of different projects that are posted by Amazon sellers, Amazon vendors etc. For e.g. you are a copywriter with experience in the Amazon marketplace, you can find jobs related to product optimization or A+ content. All virtual assistants are matched with suitable projects based on their skill sets every day. 

How do I submit a proposal?

Once you find a project suitable to your liking and capability, you can submit your proposal with a brief intro of your work experience. Since we have projects that are billed on an hourly basis and on contract basis, be selective while submitting a proposal.

Can I work on multiple projects simultaneously?

Yes, virtual assistants can work on multiple projects simultaneously as long as quality of work is not affected.

Can I set my availability for work?

Yes, you can set your availability for work especially for projects that are either part time or full time. This helps clients understand what time zone you are comfortable working, and the number of hours you can devote to a project.

Creating Your Portfolio

After you have completed your profile,you can edit your portfolio.
To edit your portfolio:
1. Click on upload Portfolio and upload your work there shown in the picture below

Look of Your Profile to Friends and Potential Clients

Now after Completing the profile The look of the profile that Your Friends and Potential Clients can see is :


Sending Pay request to the Client

To Request for Pay to the client:
1. Go to the Fund Management link in the left navigation and click Milestone.
2. Select the job for which you want to send an request and click on action and select the request .
3. Click on Submit.

Getting Hired

If the client selects your proposal and hires you for the job, the following will occur:

  • You will receive an email notification informing you that you have been selected.
  • The job can be found on your Dasboardl with Accept and Decline options.

You must then accept the job selection on odesk-clone before the job can begin.

Browsing Contractors

Optionally, you can solicit bids from contractors by browsing their profiles and requesting proposals for your job. Note: It is not required that you request proposals from contractors; you can also post a job for open bidding as outlined in the previous section.
To browse contractor profiles:
1. On the home page, select the Hire in the top navigation bar and then click Search Contractors. You can enter a keyword (EX: iPhone, PHP) and click the Search button to narrow your search results.
2. You can filter the search results using the options in the left navigation. Sort by clicking on the dropdown to the right of Sort by: at the top of the page.

Signing Up with odesk-clone

To sign up on odesk-clone and create your profile:
1. Click on theSign up and Continue at the top of the website.
2. In sign up to create your Contractor account is to select the membership level.
Congratulations, you have now joined the odesk-clone in online work! Next you will want to setup and customize your online profile. To finish customizing your profile please follow these steps:
1. Go to the left navigation bar of odesk-clone and click on My Profile.
2. Complete your basic information.
3. Then its time to get the profile started. On the next page you will upload your thumbnail photo, create a tagline, enter in a minimum hourly rate, create a contractor overview and enter in your skills.
Here is what your completed profile will look like.

Searching the Jobs Index

After you have created your contractor profile,you can start submitting proposals for jobs. You can find and evaluate jobs by browsing the odesk-clone site or by receiving invitations from potential clients to submit proposals for their jobs.
To browse jobs:
1. Go to 'Find Work' on the top navigation bar and choose Search Jobs .
2. You can browse jobs by a number of criteria:
Latest Job
Job Name
3. Click the Job Name to view a particular job description.
4. For additional information about a client, click on client's username.
In addition to actively browsing odesk-clone for jobs, you can also can create saved searches for jobs in your categories of interest and receive daily email notifications. For more information on , please click here.

Confirming Payment

To Confirm the Payment:
1. Go to the Fund Management link in the left navigation and click Milestone.
2. Select the job for which you want to send an request and click on accept amount .
3. Click on Submit.

Accepting Jobs

To accept the job:
1. Click the Accept button on Dashboard .
2. Click on the link for accepting job in the email.

Requesting Proposals from odesk-clone Contractors

You can easily send requests to Detect& contractors to submit proposals for your job, either from search results or from their individual profiles.

Requesting contractor proposals from search results: You can invite a contractor by clicking on the Red Invite button. If you already have active postings, you will see a window listing all of your jobs that are open for bidding. You can either choose an existing job or create a new one. Each selected service contractor will receive an email invitation to submit their proposal for your job.

Post a Job

To post jobs on Detect&, click the Project button in the upper left corner of the home page.
1. Select PostProject option from the drop down menu
2. First you will need to fill in your account details. Please fill out  fields marked * ,they are mandatory, if you have any questions along the way look for the tip that will appear to the right of each box for additional information.Click here to view post a job

3. Next you will be prompted to create your job post and then click continue. Remember to be as detailed and specific as you can.
4. Enter a title for your job.
5. Enter a job description. Be as detailed as possible, including specific information about the work needed, the size of the job, estimated start and completion dates, and some background on your company. You also have access to a number of job description templates by using our Description Assistant. If you select a template and you no longer want to use it, you can remove the template to revert back to your original text and selections by choosing the undo button.
6. You may attach up to 10 files (maximum size 50 MB per attachment) that help clarify the job requirements and enable contractors to prepare more thorough, relevant proposals.
Please use discretion when including private information such as your web address or name.
7. Select a Fixed price or Hourly job. Fixed price jobs are best when you have well-defined scope and structure for the work. If the job scope is less certain and you would like to work with your contractor on a more flexible basis, then choose the hourly option. Hourly jobs are Work View enabled. Work View is a safe and efficient way to pay for hourly work online. You will also be asked to select your budget. You will have the option to choose from a set of predefined budget ranges or you can create your own custom range.
8. Select the category and subcategory that best describe your job and the skill set you would like your contractor to have.
When you post a job in a subcategory, it will be viewed by all contractors in the main category.
9. You may select up to 5 relevant skills you would like your contractor to have or groups that you would like your contractor to have joined. When you select skills, your job will be tagged with the associated keywords, making it more visible to qualified contractors when they are searching our job database.

Withdrawing Funds

To withdraw the Payment:
1. Go to the Fund Management link in the left navigation and click Withdraw Funds.
2. Select the paypal and give the details for the withdrawal of money.
3. Click on click here to withdraw.
4. Mention the required details.